The Lord’s Prayer


The Lord’s Prayer used to be so commonly used in schools and churches that everyone knew it. These days it’s so uncommonly used that we thought that not only would it be important to use it at Messy Church, but to try and understand it.

I got some of these ideas from one of the Messy Church books, pinterest and the amazing Flame creative blog.

Welcome – 10 minutes

Sometimes our welcome activity is lots of a3 colouring sheets for people to do together whilst we welcome everyone in. We often have 4 year olds sat next to 80 year olds colouring together, which a great sign of just what Messy Church is! We used these amazing colouring sheets by Flame Creative.

Crafts and activities – 50 minutes

I took most of our crafts from the Lords Prayer theme in the Messy Church 3 book so I wont post them here for Copy right reasons. All three books are WELL worth having!!

Celebration – 20 minutes

After our Welcome and Crafts and Activities we go into a time of worship, which we call the ‘Celebration’.

As people are coming in we always have a song playing. We usually use Fischy Music – Build up One Another. We sometimes have a different song if we can think of something relevant!

Welcome – We start by welcoming everyone, asking people what they’ve done today in Messy church and what they’ve enjoyed.

Worship – We like to start with a worship song, to get people going!

Follow you – Hillsong Kids

Story –

We used the amazing Lords Prayer with action video from Messy Church. We learnt it ourselves and then taught it ourselves slowly.

Prayer Activity

Not that praying the Lords Prayer wasn’t praying enough! But we wanted to think a bit more about praying in general. We played this video from the Church Of England. We also talked about how we can all pray anytime we want. We reminded people of our prayer request box.


Nothing’s too big – Doug Horley – This is the action video.

We always finish our messy celebration with the Messy Grace with actions which can be found in the Messy Church books.

Food – 30 minutes

Then we come together for food! We always do party food as we meet on a Sunday afternoon. Families generally help us tidy away which is great!



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